About Devalya

β€˜Education for All’ defines the existence of Devalya. A vision dedicated to strengthen the existing education system and to bring transformation in the way education is delivered at present. Devalya offers comprehensive education model which consist many unique features those are essential for uplifting the current education system of our country to global standards with due consideration of affordability and availability as prevailing in our society. Reaching out to masses with quality education in a short span of time with limited means is a challenge even for governing bodies. Our model not only strengthening the existing efforts, in addition leveraging technology and engaging concepts to bring the positive change at a much higher speed with greater impact.

Key features of the Education Model offered by Devalya

Segments- Almost all education needs are covered through five major categories viz. Academic, Professional, Competitive, Skill and SELF. This ensures smooth implementation and create better understanding about the proposed education model.

Delivery - - Speed, scale and simplicity are the key consideration in bringing three major delivery modes for implementation viz. Face to Face, Live and Recorded.

Coverage- Technology, Digitalization and continuous innovation has removed the geographical boundaries and enabled the model to work at Global level covering all age groups, all cultures and all segments of society having different background. The model offers education for all.

Participation – Engagement defines the success. The model offers engagement opportunities for everyone wishes to be part of this big movement of strengthening and transforming the prevailing education system.