Academic education is the most important stage of education system for any country. In the context of our country it has more significance considering the complex diversified social and economic system we carry. As a parent, we wish to give the best possible education for your children. We choose best possible school, best extra care within our reach to ensure our children shines bright in future.Most of the parents with all their best possible efforts are able to provide five category of services to their kids viz.

    1. School of high repute
    2. Best Parent Care
    3. Updated Technology
    4. Best possible environment
    5. Friends and Family


Class XI

Subjects Timings Days Start Date Fees
Mathematics 4:30 - 5:30 pm Mon,Wed,Fri, 18th April Rs.18000
Economics 5:30 -6:30 pm Tue,Thu,Sat 18th April Rs.18000
Accounts 4:30 -5:30 pm Tue,Thu,Sat 18th April Rs.18000

Class XII

Subjects Timings Days Start Date Fees
Mathematics 5:30 - 6:30 pm Mon,Wed,Fri 18th April Rs.20000
Economics 4:30 - 5:30 pm Tue,Thu,Sat 18th April Rs.20000
Accounts 5:30 - 6:30 pm Tue,Thu,Sat 18th April Rs.20000

The entire service range is solely managed by parents by utilizing all means available to them even by going beyond their own limitations.We as an organization have done a thorough research on this entire flow and found that not all parents are able to offer these five service categories even are able to offer may be one or two out of five.
Our research concludes that despite offering every possible services and even after doing lot of personal sacrifices, most of the parents are not satisfied with the outcome and even regrets many a times.The research has come up with a unique concept to resolve most of the problems of the current education system and is useful for all the parents irrespective of the fact about how much care they are able to do for their children. This concept is practical, affordable and works perfectly in our system. It releases lot of stress from parent’s life with respect to upbringing their child.
The concept offers sixth sense to parents and for simplicity is called ‘Excellence in Academic Education’.

Concept Brief:
‘Excellence in Academic Education’ is a transformational initiative taken by Devalya Education to empower parents and students both. The model offers comprehensive support system to students so that they perform better in both, academic and non -academic domains.

Model Overview:

The model offers three step support services.
1. Digital Education- Video/Live Classes
2. Periodic Academic Analysis- Online/Face to Face
3. Periodic Non-Academic Analysis- Online/Face to Face

Class Videos Academic Analysis Non- Academic Analysis
For Each Subject- Chapter wise videos for better understanding and practice of academic subjects For Each Subject- Chapter wise with suggested solutions to improve academic grades 360 degree personality Analysis to identify improvement areas with possible solutions to enhance overall effectiveness

Key Features:

1. Education Coverable – Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary
2. Delivery Model- Blend of Recoded, Live and Face to Face delivery.
3. Additional Feature- Online monitoring and assistance
4. Financials- Rs. 1000 per student per month for any three subjects
5. Payment System- Quarterly payment system
6. Additional support- Monthly theme based workshops by experts

Key Benefits:

1. Personal care to student through a comprehensive study approach ( Academic and non- academic areas)
2. Pathway for Indian student to become Global Student
3. Filling the gaps of current education system
4. Identification and resolution of concern areas on timely basis
5. Complete education support services under one roof
6. Reasonable and affordable for everyone